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Have you ever wondered about your “life purpose?” Most people tend to equate their purpose with what they do for a living. But I have found that what people are really seeking when they ask about their purpose is a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

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“Your purpose is what your soul came here to embody and experience. The ‘how’ is in your chakras.” – Rev. Frances Fayden

In this encore episode, I will explain how Mother Mary revealed the 7 aspects of your “Sacred Life Purpose” to me several years ago, and the fastest way to discover what yours is.

If you are someone who KNOWS you are here to do more and would love to discover your purpose and how to manifest it, I would love to connect with you. Click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me.


Key Learnings:

1. Your purpose is the reason you were born, what your soul came here to embody and experience. You are always “doing” your purpose, or more accurately, your purpose is being done through you! 

2. The seven aspects of your purpose are: 1) what your soul came here to embody 2) your unique archetypes 3) your personal assignment and your spiritual team 4) your deepest heart’s desire 5) the best way for you to express your purpose 6) the big vision of your purpose 7) the thing you need to let go of to all your purpose to manifest fully.

3. Ask yourself “what am I longing for” or “what would I love” every day. This practice will help you be open to hearing the longings of your heart.


Want help discovering your Sacred Life Purpose? Click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting

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