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Are you struggling with a LOT of intense feelings right now? Are you finding it hard to maintain your inner peace? You are not alone! This is why I am so grateful to be able to introduce you to this week’s very special guest, Pierre Pradervand!

Pierre is the author of the book I reviewed last week, The Gentle Art of Blessing. I was so moved simply by being in his presence. He embodies peace. He radiates peace and compassion. My eyes were tearing up during the whole interview!

Let me introduce you to him: Pierre is a true world citizen, having labored most of his life for social justice, living in or visiting 40 countries on every continent. From his Geneva home Pierre is now active as a writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator, helping people to live simpler, yet richer, more contented lives. His workshops provide personal development tools that empower attendees to strengthen their internal anchors and advance on their spiritual path.

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“Blessing is 100% heart energy. To bless is to want the real good for another person from the bottom of your heart.” – Pierre Pradervand

In this episode, Pierre shares his experience of being betrayed and having his noble aspirations thwarted by a colleague, and how he overcame the bitterness and resentment. Now he is able to send blessings to anyone, no matter the circumstances and says that this is the most healing path of all.

I was so moved and inspired by this interview, and my prayer is that you will be too. Let me know your thoughts about this topic. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


Key Learnings:

1. The teaching of Christ to “bless those that curse you” is the basis of Pierre’s own journey of healing a deep resentment towards another person.

2. Blessing is a powerful way to transform your life. You may need to start by using your willpower to say the words and bless another, especially if the feelings are very strong, but over time the power of blessing can dissolve all judgement.

3. With all the turmoil in the world, send sincere blessings to the world leaders who are at the center of conflict. When you can honestly say “I love you completely” you are no longer part of the conflict!


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