You are a Highly Sensitive Person. You are Unique. You Deserve a Unique approach.


My Private Mentoring Programs combine Practical Coaching, application of Universal Laws, Feedback from Your Own Energy System and Mother Mary’s Guidance. These four elements are what make it possible to Magnify Your Miracles. 

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Looking for Clarity on a specific issue?

An Insight Session is the place to begin.

In this 30 min session, we will Identify the energetic/emotional issues behind:

– Painful Relationship Patterns

– Feeling Creatively Stuck or Blocked

– Career or Business confusion

Insight Sessions are $297 include an mp3 recording.

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The Magnify Your Miracles Private Mentoring Program will show you how to connect with your deepest wisdom, apply the Laws of the Universe, give you a plan of action to manifest quick results based on feedback from YOUR own energy field, AND Mother Mary’s incomparable guidance and support.

Because of time constraints,  I can only accept a select few individual clients for this program. If you wish to apply, please schedule a complimentary 20-minute “Miracle Moment”