This is My Story

Blessings to you!

I’m Rev. Frances Fayden and I’m so blessed to have you visiting this site.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m originally from the East Coast, and lived in California for 17 years, but after paying attention to my guidance and “following the energy,” my wife and I drove across the country for 4 months and ended up in a little town just north of Philadelphia called Yardley.

I love everything having to do with spirituality and have been studying it most of my life. I even lived in an ashram (spiritual community) for six years, which taught me something invaluable: I don’t “fit in” anywhere, especially not any religious organizations. I have learned how to “take what works and leave the rest” which has helped me have a much deeper connection with Spirit. I love teaching others how to do that too!

In 2012 I had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the course of my life and awakened me to my true purpose. I have been sharing messages from Her ever since.

Often people ask me: Are you a coach? Or a healer? Or a channeler? Or a writer? I say “Yes, I am all of these things.” In reality, I am a mystic, and so are YOU.

If you are seeking a direct experience of God, you are a mystic.

My patron saint, Hildegard of Bingen, was a spiritual renaissance woman, embodying the three-fold archetype of Healer-Artist-Mystic. That is who I am, and is also who I tend to attract.

My intuitive services are like a three-way conversation: you, Spirit and me as the translator. All my work is focused on helping you heal in whatever way you need so you can find and live your life purpose.

One of my teachers has been Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman, author of “Commune with the Angels.” I also work with the angels in my own work, especially the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.

My main work is with Mother Mary and I offer mentoring programs for Highly Sensitive/Highly Creative Spiritual Seekers.

I’m the founder of the Community of Mary, an online interfaith spiritual community that honors the Divine Mother.

I’m an ordained Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling, having attended the New Seminary in New York City. You might ask “what’s an interfaith minister?” (see video below)

I can’t speak for all, but for me, being an interfaith minister means I hold all faiths as valid and all paths to God as sacred. I studied the major world religions in seminary, but I know the most about the Judeo-Christian path (as a former good Catholic girl), the path of Yoga and Self-Realization.

My passion is mysticism, and every religion has a mystical branch. Mysticism is the belief that you can have a direct relationship with God, without the need for a priest or other intermediary.

Video – What’s an Interfaith Minister?


Every service and product I offer, especially the teleseminar events and spiritual vacations I lead, is based on the truth that you can have your own direct experience of God. I teach you how to do that, but I don’t teach my way. I help you find your own way, since you are “wired” differently than I am.

If I can help you see yourself as God sees you, even for a brief moment, I’ve done my job. That’s what I do in my Intuitive Readings.

What else would you like to know? Here is my official education and credentials:

  • Graduate of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland – Communications Degree

  • Graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage – Certified Massage Therapist

  • Graduate of the New Seminary in NYC – Ordained Interfaith Minister

  • Certified Meditation Teacher

  • Reiki and Chakra Healing Practitioner

and have attended more workshops and personal growth seminars than I care to admit!

I’m an avid musician and songwriter, accomplished gluten-free baker and devoted animal lover.

If there is any way I can be a blessing to you on your path, please let me know. Feel free to contact me.

Abundant blessings,

Rev. Frances Fayden
Magnify Your Miracles