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If you struggle with meditation, or you simply love reading sacred poems, prayers, and literature, I have the perfect book for you! God Makes the Rivers to Flow by Eknath Easwaran is more than just a collection of interfaith spiritual verses…it is a wonderful handbook to help gently train your mind to focus the Divine!

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘we become what we think about?’ Well, that is exactly what this book teaches! By reading and memorizing sacred verses, your mind becomes attuned to the sacred vibration of that verse, and it begins to change your consciousness!

In this episode, I will share the author’s guidance about his wonderful eight-point meditation program (which is perfect for those who struggle with meditation). I will also open the book randomly and let the Universe choose a sacred verse to inspire you!

I would love to hear your own thoughts or experience with sacred stories, poems, verses or prayers. Do you have a favorite one? 

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“For the great principle upon which meditation rests is that we become what we meditate on.
Eknath Easwaran

Key Learnings:

1) Because we ‘become what we think about,’ when we focus our minds upon the sacred, we awaken that quality within ourselves. By reading and repeating sacred verses, we train our minds to dwell on higher things.

2) If you tend to have a restless mind, choosing a phrase or verse to read and memorize can be the perfect solution for you. It can be easier to give your mind a spiritual activity than it is to get it to relax completely.

3) You can use this book as an oracle of sorts…just open it up to any random page and read the verse. Notice if it speaks to you. The passage I read can be found on page 101:

May the Lord of Love protect us.
May the Lord of Love nourish us. May the Lord of Love strengthen us.
May we realize the Lord of Love.
May we live with love for all;
May we live in peace with all.

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