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Have you ever had a desire for something that was beyond anything you’ve experienced before? And maybe it was beyond anything your family or friends have experienced too? Believe it or not, that can be scary for most of us.

If you’re like me, you were raised in a family that worked hard just to create a sense of safety and stability, aka a ‘good life.’ When I was 12 and told my mom I wanted to be a professional musician, her fear for my security got triggered and her advice was to ‘have a backup plan.’ This kind of advice is often what happens when the people who love us are not able to share our big vision…they advise us to ‘stay safe.’ Unfortunately, that advise often becomes our own inner voice, cautioning us NOT to do anything to ‘rock the boat’ when our soul is calling us to expand.

In this episode, I will share why miracles rarely happen when we cling to things remaining ‘good’ and how you can begin to open up to a ‘miraculous life.’ I put on my coach’s hat and take you through some questions to help you get clear on what a miraculous life is for you and how you can begin to create it.

If you are ready to overcome that inner voice that is holding you back, click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me to explore your next step.

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“The biggest obstacle to going from a ‘good’ life to a miraculous life is the voice in your head telling you to ‘stay safe and don’t rock the boat.’ If you want a miraculous life, seek out the support to overcome that voice.” 

Key Learnings:

1) Did you come from a family that worked hard to create a “good life” for themselves? If so, it can be very difficult for them to support you in taking steps to go beyond a ‘good life’ to a miraculous one.

2) Get clear about what a miraculous life is for you. What would life be like for you if it were miraculous? What would you need to let go of? Write it down and then make decisions with this end in mind.

3) Fear is a natural response to letting go of ‘good’ to welcome in the miraculous. Tune into your own heart and ask yourself what your own wisdom is guiding you to do.

If you are ready to overcome that inner voice that holds you back, click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me.

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