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Have you ever wondered if the spiritual path different for women? If you are a woman who loves all things spiritual, but you feel stuck in your spiritual progress and don’t know why…this episode is for you.

So many women have reached out to me and asked “What am I doing wrong? I follow all the practices of the religion I was raised in, but I don’t feel closer to God. Can you help me?” There is a really simple reason why you are feeling further from God…

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The Golden Rule for Women: Love Yourself as You Love Your Neighbor.

In this episode, I will share the spiritual path that actually works for women, and the simple reason why traditional religion doesn’t support your path of awakening. I also share why this is a healing path, not just an awakening path.



Key Learnings:

1. We live in a patriarchal society, which means that masculine energy is valued, and feminine energy is not. Even though both men and women have the same spiritual struggle, to heal the egoic sense of separation, the path to doing it is completely opposite.

2. The scriptures of the major religions of the world were written for men only. Women were not allowed to read them, and most women couldn’t read at all anyway. That being the case, these guidelines were never intended for women. They are, however, excellent guidelines for men.

3. While men need to become humble and learn to think of others, women need to become empowered and love themselves. The more a woman honors herself, the closer she gets to awakening to the truth of Oneness.


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