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Did you know that your life purpose is so important that it has its own Spirit Guide? Just like you have a guardian angel to protect you, your purpose has a special being whose sole job is to help you achieve your purpose!

Helping people discover and achieve their Life Purpose is the passion of today’s guest, Sacred Artist and Spiritual Success Coach, Deepa Liu. Deepa is also my wife, and I’m so happy to have her return to the podcast to share a truly miraculous story…how she came to be able to ‘see’ the Spirit Guide of your purpose, and then paints them!

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Your life purpose is so important that it has its own Spirit Guide whose sole job it is to help you achieve that purpose.”  – Deepa Liu, Sacred Artist & Success Coach


In this episode, Deepa will share her story of how she went from never being able to “see” anything in her mind’s eye, to how creativity opened up her amazing ability of getting visions of spirit guides and then painting them! Deepa believes that you have a spirit guide for your life purpose or ‘holy calling’ who is waiting to connect with you.

If you are interested in having your own Spirit Guide Portal, click here to schedule a complimentary Next Step Call with Deepa.

Key Learnings: 

1. Everyone has a spirit guide whose sole job is to help them achieve their life purpose.

2. Creativity was the key to opening Deepa’s intuition and ability to ‘see’ your spirit guide. She believes that creativity, along with spiritual practices, is the key to magnify your miracles!

3. Once you have your own Spirit Guide Portal, you have your own special doorway to the Divine.


If you want to speak with Deepa about your own Personal Spirit Guide Portal or what next steps might be right for you, set up a Connection Call by clicking here:

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