Yogananda’s Inner Circle Program

“I cannot tell you how much Yogananda, with very practical, simple advice, has improved my meditation and my spiritual practice. I feel like he is my personal friend and guide! If you’re thinking about this program, you will get 500% more than you think you will. It has been life-changing!” Norma M., Maryland

Norma M.

I was floored by the information in my message! The energy on the call was so powerful, it almost lifted me out of my seat!

Carolyn Cassady

Imagine receiving PERSONAL guidance about your spiritual path every month from the great Master, Paramahansa Yogananda!


2020 is the 100th Anniversary of his arrival in the US, and with so many planets in Capricorn, his own sun sign, this is the Year of Yogananda – the Year of Mastery!


In this program, you will be supported to become a master of your own life!


Yogananda gives very practical advice, especially about your spiritual practices and anything else you need to grow closer to God.


Here are the program details:

1) The program is limited to just 6 people! This allows you more time and in-depth messages from Yogananda



2) In this six-month program, you will receive a PERSONAL Message from Yogananda each month, even if you are not live on the call



3) You can ask a question each month as well!



4) We will meet on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning on January 21st at 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT



Working with a Self-Realized Master who knows exactly what you’re dealing with and how to help you is priceless!



We will begin in January and go through June 2020. 
(Hurry, just 3 spots left!)


There are two payment options.

Pay in full and save $185

6 monthly payments of $197