I bet you don’t think of yourself as very similar to someone like St. Teresa of Avila. What if I told you you were wrong?

One thing great saints have in common is they are HIGHLY SENSITIVE and HIGHLY CREATIVE!

Teresa of Avila wrote many books, including The Interior Castle, which chronicled her deep inner realization, which was a result of her HIGH SENSITIVITY!

Here is a little video I create that explains a bit more about these two traits.

Another great saint is St. Padre Pio. His high sensitivity is what helped him become an amazing healer.

Padre Pio’s feast day is coming soon, so to honor him, and to help you connect with him more directly, I am holding a Healing Message Circle on Monday, Sept 21st at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT with Padre Pio

In this teleclass, I will share a little of Padre Pio’s story, then we will all pray and meditate to invoke his presence. Once he is with us, he will give us all a group message to help us on our own healing journey.

AND I am going to open the line so that you can receive a PERSONAL HEALING MESSAGE from Padre Pio.

Those who are live on the call will have a chance to receive a message. I am dedicating 20 minutes at least to giving messages so that as many people as possible can receive a blessing message from Padre Pio.

This is a rare opportunity and I encourage you to register right away if you feel inspired.

The cost is just $30 and you will receive the mp3 recording as well.

Click here to register 

I hope you can join me on Monday, Sept 21st at 8 pm ET/ 3 pm PT for this wonderful event!