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Are you a fan of Aretha Franklin? Who isn’t?? She is the Queen of Soul and her voice was considered a national treasure!! So what does Aretha Franklin have to do with magnifying your miracles? Everything!!!

This week I finally had the chance to watch the movie ‘Respect.’ Jennifer Hudson gives a stunning performance as Aretha and takes us through her amazing journey from gifted but struggling singer to Queen of Soul. How did she do that?? THAT is what I want to share with you today!

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“RESPECT by Aretha Franklin is the anthem of the Solar Plexus chakra. Once you decide that you deserve your dream, that your life is yours to live, let this song be YOUR anthem!”

In this episode, I share what I witnessed in Aretha Franklin’s story that catapulted her from a struggling jazz singer to the status of QUEEN in a short period of time! I believe that YOU can do it too IF you do the ONE thing that Aretha did. I will also share her anthem for the Solar Plexus…

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Key Learnings:

1. In the movie “Respect” Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha Franklin. This is where I learned that Aretha Franklin had NINE albums before she had any hits!! Nine!!!

2. Lack of talent was not her issue…trying to make everyone else happy was her issue. When Aretha DECIDED to take control of her career and stopped trying to make everyone else happy, she soared to superstardom!!

3. RESPECT is the anthem of the third chakra, the Solar Plexus. Once you decide that you deserve your dream, that your life is yours, let this song be YOUR anthem!

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