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If you are a Lightworker with a gift to share with the world, but you are not as successful as you want to be, this is the episode for you!

As a lightworker myself, and having helped countless other lightworkers, I discovered a secret no one is telling you that might be keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated!

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“A Lightworker is already living outside the box. Their path to success is as unique as they are.”

In this episode, I will share the success secret that will save you time and money and keep you from going around in circles looking for success in all the wrong places! 

Do you resonate with this secret? I would love to know!

Ps- I would love to help you apply this success secret! If you are looking for a coach to support your journey click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me.


Key Learnings:

1. The key thing lightworkers need to remember is that they are wired to do things differently. That is why they are lightworkers and not something more traditional. But instead of honoring that difference, they try to find the path to success that “works” and then spend a lot of time and money not succeeding.

2. There is no one path to success, but there is YOUR path to success. It will be as unique as YOU. That does not mean you can’t emulate others, but you won’t succeed unless you discover how you are wired, and then honor that wiring.

3. Begin by focusing on what you really want to do, not how but what. Once you know what that is, you can then look at making it happen for you, instead of twisting yourself into a certain way of succeeding. The key is to work with someone who can help you do that.


Seeking a spiritual coach? Click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me.


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