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Do you believe that the power of prayer can create a world of light, love, peace and joy? I sure do, and that is what I am inviting you to do with me!

Mother Mary asked me to create a community of people who want to co-create this world of light, love, peace and joy through prayer. She asked me to create a platform dedicated to prayer, so I am SO excited to share my NEW YouTube show: The Prayer Channel!!

Every week I will be sharing “Sacred Stories and Channeled Prayers to help you Magnify Your Miracles.” I will be sharing prayers from Mother Mary LIVE, prayers to help you deepen your connection with the Divine Presence.

In today’s episode, I am excited to share the details of my new weekly show, how you can catch it live each week AND the new FB community you can join to help expand your own prayer practice.

This show happens on Tuesdays at 11 am ET. There are three ways to tune in: on my YouTube Channel, in the Private FB group OR on my website at You can watch the first three episodes there and let me know if it resonates with you!

If you would like to be part of the free Prayer Channel Community, click here to subscribe.

Watch the Full Video Episode:

“If you want to co-create a world of light, love, peace, and joy through prayer, join me weekly at

Key Learnings:

1) While this podcast has more of a coaching aspect to it, the Prayer Channel is more of my ministerial side.

2) The goal of the show is to help you discover YOUR way of connecting with the Divine, and to offer you LIVE channeled prayers and sacred stories to help you do that.

3) You will also have the ability to ask me questions and suggestions. I really look forward to being able to connect with you this way!


If you love the image on the wall behind me of Mother Mary Blessing the World, you can order your own museum quality copy at

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