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“When will my manifestation happen?” Have you ever asked that question?

If you have ever felt ‘stuck,’ like the thing you are trying to manifest is just out of reach, and you want to know WHY and what you can do about it, this is the episode for you!

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“If your manifestation is not showing up, ask yourself ‘Where do I have conflicted feelings
about my desire?”

In this episode, I share the ONE thing that blocks your manifestation, and how you can help yourself get ‘unstuck’ by doing one simple thing. I also share how I help my own clients identify the ‘one thing’ so they can start receiving their desires.

It’s not always easy to identify the one thing blocking you, as your mind will convince you it must be something else. If you would like help identifying what is blocking you, schedule an Ask Your Energy Session with me!



Key Learnings:

1. Whatever you want to manifest is already here. It is in the ethers, and manifesting is about taking something from the ethers and into the physical realm.

2. The Universe is always trying to give you your desires…always! The only thing blocking that is YOU. How do you block it? By having beliefs or desires that are in conflict. I call this ‘crosscurrents.’ These opposing energies cancel each other out.

3. If you desire something but simultaneously tell yourself all the reasons you can’t have it, that is a cross-current. If you have conflicting desires, like wanting to travel the world and wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, that is a cross-current. This is the number one thing keeping your manifestations from happening.  


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