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Have you ever prayed for a “money miracle?” I know I have. What I didn’t realize is that I was simultaneously pushing money away subconsciously!

In this episode, I explain how highly sensitive souls and spiritual entrepreneurs may be unknowingly telling the Universe NOT to bring more abundance, even though they are praying for more money.

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“Money is not your security. Your security is your ability to connect to the Cosmic Source that creates all things.” – Louise Hay

Key learnings

1. Feeling is one of the key factors to manifesting anything. Highly Sensitive people FEEL so deeply, that we should be the wealthiest people on the planet!

2. Money is energy, like electricity. It acts as an amplifier or magnifier. It will magnify what you already are, but it doesn’t have the power to make you something you are not.

3. Any time you “use” money for something other than as a medium of exchange, such as to increase your self-esteem or make yourself feel secure, you limit its ability to serve and support you as it is meant to.

The book I read from is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay


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