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If you are a healer or are at all interested in healing, you MUST listen to this episode! I am SO thrilled to share this interview with the author of Sacred Oils, Felicity Warner. I felt like I was talking to a friend I’ve known for years, even though this was our very first conversation! Felicity is both extremely kind, and extremely knowledgeable about the field of deep soul healing.

Let me tell you a bit about her: Felicity Warner is a Myrrhophore, or mistress of the oils, one of a handful of healers in the world rooted in an ancient healing tradition with its roots in ancient Egyptian celestial medicine. The Sacred oils that she works with re-align, rebalance and work at the deep level of Soul and Spirit.

In this episode, we explore the miraculous power of sacred oils and discover the ancient history of this healing modality. We also explore Mary Magdalene’s role as a myrrhophore in helping Christ to make his transition.

Felicity also shares a simple way to get to “know” and commune with these oils for your own healing and guidance. I truly hope you enjoy this episode and I would LOVE to hear about your own experiences with sacred oils.

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Myrrhophores are priestesses that are skilled in helping people who are approaching death; they also gave healing when necessary. The most famous myrrhophore is Mary Magdalene.
– Felicity Warner

Key Takeaways:

1) All essential oils are sacred, but the intention with which you work with oil is also what makes it sacred. The twenty or so oils that Felicity works with are known for their energetic signature, more so than their aromatic qualities.

2) Spikenard used to be the oil to use to help people make their transition, but we have evolved since then and now a good oil is Elemi. Felicity says she would still use spikenard for an individual who is connected to the priest archetype.

3) A wonderful first oil to work with is Myrtle. Felicity recommends getting the best quality oil you can, organic or wild-harvested, and begin to meditate with it. Do this for a month and write down your discoveries.



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