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Did you know that there is a lie going around that keeps gifted, big-hearted spiritual entrepreneurs from moving forward and sharing their light with the world?

I hear this lie almost every day in my private mentoring practice! Women with tons of experience and talent, whose gifts are so needed on the planet right now, are falling for this lie and it is holding them back. Well, not on my watch!

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“A Lightworker is like a doctor for the soul. Just as we need medical doctors,
we need an equal amount of Soul doctors.”

In this episode, I will debunk the BIG LIE and show you how to easily overcome it so you can be the successful Lightworker you were meant to be! 

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Key Learnings:

1. So many Lightworkers have a false belief that says they must be the only one doing their modality to be successful. If they see other people who offer what they offer, they feel discouraged, as if they ‘missed the boat.’ This is a BIG LIE.

2. This big lie is a distraction from the underlying feelings of insecurity. What they are really saying is ‘if I am not the only one, I am not enough to compete with the others. I won’t be special.’

3. A Lightworker is like a doctor of the soul. Just as we need as many doctors as we can get, we also need as many soul doctors as we can get.


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