With Father’s Day right around the corner, this can be a painful time for anyone who has experienced “Father loss.”

It’s also the perfect time to focus on Healing unresolved issues you may have with your own father.

So many people have shared with me that their father just passed last year or this year and they wish they had the chance to say one last thing…

Many people have also told me that their relationship with the father was painful or frightening and they couldn’t see how healing was possible…

Whether you had a wonderful dad that you miss and want to connect with, or you had a challenging father and are still dealing with the scars from that…

There is something to heal. You are experiencing what I call “Father Loss.”

Father loss is when you feel disconnected from your father, either because he is actually gone or is not emotionally available.

Father loss can result in:

– Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
– Difficulty navigating the material world, making money, etc
– Problems with men or male authority figures

And of course there is the grief that seems to linger too..

Mother Mary asked me to hold a special Teleclass to help you with your unresolved Father Loss.

She asked the kindest father who ever lived, St. Joseph, to be available on this amazing teleclass called Father Healing- Resolving your Grief and Healing Your Heart

Join me Tuesday, June 13th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

In this experiential teleclass you will:

1) Experience St. Joseph and Mother Mary’s love and healing presence to create a safe space for your healing

2) Identify what type of “Father Grief” you are experiencing, so you can compassionately release it

3) Connect with your own father, through a guided meditation, to say what you need to say, (even if it’s simply good-bye) so you can free your energy to live your life more powerfully

These healing teleclasses are really powerful! Here is what a participant said after the Healing Mother Grief teleclass last year:

“A heaviness has lifted! During the meditation, I asked my mom if there was a symbol that she might use to let me know I’m in her thoughts and I got feather. Well, this morning when I went out in the yard there were feathers everywhere, from all sorts of different birds. I remember laughing and saying I’ll really know she’s with me if I find one inside. Ha! Guess what? I just came in from doing yard work and this feather was on the floor of my dining room! What a gift!” Keri L., Massachusetts

This type of experience is truly priceless!

Registration is just $44 for this life-changing teleclass, but when you register before Saturday, June 10th, you will save $10 – Just $34click here to register

Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording, so even if you can’t be live, you can still receive the benefits!