Do you ever feel like something’s missing?

Maybe you are looking for something external, like a relationship, better job or new home. The absence of it leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

Or maybe you have those external things and are seeking something more internal, like a deeper spiritual connection or a sense of purpose. You feel unfulfilled.

Or maybe you have no idea “what’s missing” and want some help figuring it out!

You’re in luck, because I know a saint who “specializes” in this very thing, and I will be holding a teleclass with him on Thursday, Feb 2nd at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.

His name is St. Anthony of Padua and he is the Patron Saint of things Lost or Missing.

Most people ask him for help to find small things, like car keys, etc., but he also helps with MUCH bigger issues…

Love, faith, hope, courage…

In fact, St. Anthony will assist you in ANY area of your life where you are experiencing a sense of loss.


If these turbulent times have left YOU feeling lost and…

– Unsure of the next right steps in your life

Questioning the institutions you used to trust

Lacking faith in yourself or others

– Feeling unsettled and restless

I invite you to join me for the How to Find What’s Missing with St. Anthony Teleclass

You will experience a special guided meditation with St. Anthony, and he will guide you to discover what is actually missing, and how to find it.

We will also learn the mystical prayers of the chaplet of St. Anthony, which have helped thousands of people around the world in miraculous ways!

The fee for this special event is $44, but if you register before midnight Tuesday, Jan 31st, you will save $10 just $34!

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AND everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording!

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