Did you know that this Monday is a VERY auspicious day?

It is both Summer Solstice AND Full Moon in Sagittarius!

But that’s not all…this is the SECOND Full Moon in Sagittarius this year. (Back on May 21st we also had a full moon in Sagittarius.)

I always tell my clients to pay attention to repeating messages, that they hold special significance. The challenge is to discern what the significance is!

The full moon is about things coming to fruition. Sagittarius is the sign of spirituality. A second full moon is like being given a “second chance.”

Tie this together with the Summer Solstice, which is a time to LET GO of whatever we no longer need, and you have an opportunity to access POWERFUL Energies for HEALING!

Of the 4 Archangels, Raphael is the one connected with the Summer Solstice.

Archangel-RaphaelTo help you get the most benefit from this Summer Solstice and Full Moon energy, I am holding a special Solstice Healing Teleclass with Archangel Raphael!

When? Monday, June 20th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

In this teleclass you will:

1) Discover what the “healing theme” is for the rest of 2016 so you can consciously work with it to maximize your healing

2) CELEBRATE all that you have accomplished so far this year and LET GO of what you no longer need to make room for NEW ENERGY in your life!

3) Set a clear intention about your dreams and visions and offer them to Raphael for rapid manifestation.

And much more! Archangel Raphael knows who registers for the teleclass and guides me accordingly, so when YOU register, whatever YOU might need will also be addressed...how cool is that?

It’s just $30 for this unique teleclass – click here to register

Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording, so even if you can’t be live, you can still receive the benefits!

Click Here to register