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Did you know astrology is an ancient science? The most famous ancient astrologers might be the Three Kings. They found the Christ child by ‘reading’ the energy of the stars and planets.  I’ve been studying astrology since I was eleven years old, mostly as a way to understand myself and other people. I never believed in using it predictively, as I know the heavens simply reflect our own energy to us.

That is why I was so excited to interview today’s guest, Joanette McGeoch, who has been a professional astrologer for over forty years! Joanette is a deeply spiritual person, with a profound connection to the Divine Feminine, and her spiritual perspective is what sets her apart from other astrologers I have met.

Here’s a little information about her: Joanette McGeoch has been an astrologer for 48 years. Connecting to Divine source has always been her goal, which led her to study world religions and ancient cultures. These studies expanded her understanding of astrology. She has taught classes in astrology, dream interpretation, psychic exploration, and life after death. Her explorations have brought her to an understanding of the cycles of life, which she incorporates in her astrology chart readings. Her joy is to continue to learn about the unseen reality and its vast mysteries. Her astrology readings help you remember the gifts that you have brought into this world and to help you navigate the cycles of your life.

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Astrology readings help you remember the gifts that you have brought into this world and
to help you navigate the cycles of your life.”  – Joanette McGeoch

In this episode, Joanette will share her own story about discovering astrology as a mom of four young kids, and how it helped her understand the cycles of her own life. She also shares her insights about 2023, and how the Divine Feminine reveals herself in your astrological chart.

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Key Learnings:

1. Astrology is NOT predictive. It reflects our own energy to us and gives us the chance to respond as we choose. Just as you would respond to a weather report, astrology empowers you to use your power of choice.


2. There are asteroids that reveal how the Divine Feminine is showing up in your chart! These asteroids were discovered in the late 1800s and indicate the ‘rising up’ of feminine energy on the planet.

3. When you understand which cycle of life you are in, you can work WITH that energy and things go more smoothly. You experience daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and life cycles. Knowing how to respond to them will bring you much more inner peace.


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