Can you hear the Christmas music in the background as I’m writing this?

That’s because I am getting ready for a very special teleclass with a VERY special saint…

St. Nicholas!!

Tuesday, December 6th is the feast day of St. Nicholas

…yes, THAT St. Nicholas!

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Generosity and Compassion, who used his wealth and good fortune to help others. Deeply devoted to Christ, St. Nicholas is said to have amazing healing powers!

Because he loves children so much, St. Nicholas is also a great ally in healing your inner child.

How would you like to tell your Christmas wish to THIS saint?? (Instead of a department store Santa…)

You are in luck, because that is EXACTLY what you will have the chance to do this Tuesday, Dec 6th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT, during the Christmas Wish and Blessing Group Message Circle with St. Nicholas and Mother Mary!

Once you connect with St. Nicholas, you will find him readily available to help you manifest your highest spiritual aspirations! (Not just at Christmas time!

In this never-before offered teleclass, you will:

St.Nicholas1) Discover the fascinating life of St. Nicholas and the true origins of many Christmas traditions, like why children hang stockings by the chimney

2) Learn how to work with St. Nicholas consciously and continuously to manifest your true wishes and heal your inner child

3) Experience a guided meditation where you can ask St. Nicholas for your “Christmas Wish” and receive a powerful blessing!

And MUCH More

Of course Mother Mary will be joining us as well, as it is Her grace that gives us the ability to connect with these wonderful saints!

The cost is just $30 and the mp3 recording is included, so if you can’t be live on the call, you can still participate!

Click Here to Register

Because this is a Group Message Circle, there is no limit on attendance, so please feel free to invite your friends…the more the merrier!!

NOTE: You do NOT have to belong to any particular religion to benefit from this teleclass. St. Nicholas is a Universal Being, as are all saints.