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Are you aware of the miraculous St. Anthony of Padua? He was called the ‘miracle worker’ when he was alive, and I have found him to be a very present help when in need.

His feast day is June 13th, so this is a wonderful time to do a novena to St. Anthony to help you ‘find’ whatever you are seeking, or to help you if you feel lost. St. Anthony is one of my patron saints and he is a very special ally to all Lightworkers.

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“To receive your miracle, you must have equal faith in the Divine AND in yourself.”
– St. Anthony of Padua channeled message

In this week’s episode, I will take you through a simple guided meditation with St. Anthony and channel a special message from him, and a new novena prayer that you can begin today!

I won’t tell you much more than that, as I want you to experience this meditation yourself.


Key Learnings:

1. St. Anthony of Padua is known as the ‘miracle worker’ and is often called upon when someone loses an object of some kind. I have found that he helps us to ‘find’ much more important things that have been lost, like courage, creativity, or even our sense of purpose.

2. The main message he wanted me to convey is that we must have EQUAL faith in ourselves AND in the Divine to experience our miracle. 

3. Channeled prayer:
“Beloved St. Anthony, friend of St. Francis and devoted to Christ, your words have the power to bless and heal.
Help me find what I am missing.
Help me find what is lost.
Help me find my way.
You, who are the miracle worker, work this miracle through me. I know that you can.
I have faith in you.
I have faith in myself.
I have faith in the Divine.
And I KNOW that it is already done. Amen.”


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