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Do you ever wish your life came with a manual? Have you been wondering about your life purpose? If you said yes, you are going to love this book!


Your Soul Has a Plan – Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records by Lisa Barnett is an amazing resource for anyone on the spiritual path. It is filled with prayers and exercises to help you connect with your own ‘Akashic Record Keepers.’ The ‘akashic records’ are like the ‘library of the astral realm’ which holds all the information about your soul’s journey, past lives, current karma, etc. When you learn how to access these records, you can heal on a deep level.

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The Akashic Record Keepers are beings of Light that will help you gain insights about your soul’s plan.”   – Lisa Barnett

In this episode, I will share wisdom from this brand-new book, along with special prayers for your own healing. There are also four free gifts that you will receive when you purchase the book using the link below! 

I am SO excited to share that next week Lisa Barnett will be my guest!


PS- If you click here to purchase this book, you will receive four additional gifts, including an Akashic Guided Meditation, Abundance Prayer Book and Akashic Records Masterclass!


Key Learnings:

1. You are a quantum soul having a human experience. You are an ‘Ancient Traveler’ who has moved through time and space, and through many lifetimes on earth.

2. The Akashic Masters or Record Keepers are beings of Light that assist you in your soul’s journey throughout this lifetime. They can give you insights into your soul’s plan.

3. Prayer for Creating Your Dreams:
I am clear. I am focused. I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I know that my clarity with the assistance of Akashic Records creates miracles in my life. I am seen, heard, and recognized for the gifts and talents I offer. The universe conspires with me to make magic happen, and my dreams come true. So it is. Blessed Be.


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