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Would you love a good book to be your Lenten companion? Do I have a book for you! InspirWhy am I reviewing a cookbook? Because this isn’t just a cookbook…this book provides a path of healing, especially for highly sensitive souls.

If you’re like me, you are a highly sensitive person with a highly sensitive digestive system. Feeding ourselves can be truly challenging…but with the loving guidance of the author, Divya Alter, you will find a treasure trove of ways to access the healing power of food.

In this week’s episode, I will share my own healing journey with food and digestion, and the miraculous way this book came into my life. I will help you understand how to use this book as a guide to begin making small changes that can make a big difference in your health and wellness. This book is so much more than a cookbook…it is a textbook for healing and living in harmony with nature…your own nature and the natural world. I hope it becomes a best friend for you, as it has for me!

AND I’m so excited to share that the author is my guest for next week’s episode!!!

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Your love is the most important ingredient in everything you make.” Divya Alter, Ayurvedic Chef

Episode Takeaways:

1) When I was searching for help with my digestive issues, Divine Mother had me relocate to the other side of the country! While I didn’t know it then, I soon found that the only doctor in the country who was trained to help my digestive issues was located thrity minutes from my new home!

2) Divya’s book came out just as I was making this transition to ayurvedic eating. When you learn to tune in to “how you feel” you can make good food choices, rather than relying on fads or strict rules.

3) This is so much more than a cookbook. It is a textbook for healing and living in harmony with nature…your own nature and the natural world.

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