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In this ‘month of miracles’ I have a great book to share with you to help you magnify YOUR miracles. The Great Apparitions of Mary: An examination of twenty-two Supranormal Appearances by Ingo Swann is the perfect book for this month

Unlike other books about apparitions which are more religiously based (and biased), this book reads like a historical mystery thriller!

In this episode, I will share some fascinating apparition facts, such as why there is a ‘dry period’ of no apparitions from 1531-1830 and will also share a very detailed description of the ‘miracle of the sun’ at the final Fatima apparition in 1917 that will make you feel like you were there!

And remember to tune in next week when my returning guests will be authors Perdita Finn and Clark Strand, who have shared their apparition of Our Lady of Woodstock with the world.

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“Great apparitions of the Holy Mother have occurred on an average of about every ten years or so in the modern era…so, we are slightly overdue for another great one.” Ingo Swann, author of The Great Apparitions of Mary

Key learnings:

1) The great apparitions of Mother Mary go back to the 2nd century, but the most recent ones were recorded beginning in 1531 in Mexico. Then there is a 299 year ‘dry period’ which happens to correspond to the Inquisition. Was She not appearing, or was it not safe to report it?

2) Rather than try to convince you, the author is examining the history of these apparitions and puts them in a context not usually known. It’s fascinating to read these stories, which is told as a reporter might tell them.

3) The Fatima apparition story is shared from pages 105-118 and is a riveting account of the supranormal ‘miracle of the sun’ which occurred on October 13, 1917. Not only was it witnessed by over fifty thousand people, there were also eye witness accounts as far as thirty miles away!

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