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Do you believe in magic? I don’t mean the ‘card-trick’ kind of magic, but the kind of magic where you experience a deep connection to the world and feel in your soul that the world loves you back. That’s my kind of magic, and that is exactly what the book Spells for Living Well is all about!

If you are curious about magic, and want a simple guide to creating spells, prayers and rituals to experience a sense of enchantment in your life, this book is for you!

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“Spells can fill your life with wonder because they fill your life with the Sacred.”  – Phyllis Curott

In this episode, I share the author’s story about the true roots of magic, and how easy it is to co-create with the Sacred to bring greater well-being and wonder into your life! I also open the book and randomly choose a blessing spell just for you!

And next week my special guest will be the author, Phyllis Curott!

Key Learnings:

1. The word witch is from the word wicce, which means wise one. Witches were healers, medicine women, midwives and masters of balancing and harmonizing with the visible and invisible worlds. Witchcraft, the craft of the wise, is the indigenous religion of the Europeans.

2. Long before manifesting was a popular term, spells were an ancient art for exactly that. As you cast the spells in this book, your sense of confidence, optimism and joy will expand.

3. On page 165, the Celebrate Your Success Spell is the one I chose at random.


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