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In a climate of patriarchy, the most difficult leap a woman will ever take is to trust her true voice – the one I compare to a roar.” Acharya Shunya

This is the book I have been waiting to read my entire life!! Roar Like a Goddess – Everywoman’s Guide to Being Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and Peaceful by Acharya Shunya is medicine for the soul of every woman on the planet!

If you have been struggling to connect with your power, to live a prosperous life, to experience true inner peace, this book is for you.

It all begins with owning your authentic voice!

If you are not familiar with Acharya Shunya, she is the author of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Wisdom and Sovereign Self, both of which empower the reader to claim their inner authority. Her books are brilliant and beautifully written and come directly from the Vedic tradition of India. What makes her perspective so powerful and healing is that she has lived the path of awakening and embodying her inner goddesses, and she wants to help every woman, every person who identifies with the feminine, to awaken their inner goddess powers too!

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In a climate of patriarchy, the most difficult leap a woman will ever take is to trust her true voice – the one I compare to a roar.” – Acharya Shunya

In this episode, I will share the author’s teaching on the Goddess, known as Shakti, the very energy of life, and her three manifestations, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. You will learn how to recognize these energies within you, and you can begin to connect with them within yourself. 

I am SO excited to share that next week Acharya Shunya will be my guest and we will dive more deeply into how to discover your Inner Goddess Powers!

Key Learnings:

1. In the Vedas, it is said that all power is feminine! The Gods have no power, no ability to do anything, without the Goddess. She is the energy of life itself and her name is Shakti. 

2. There are three ways the Goddess manifests; as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Durga helps us to develop self-esteem and own our power. Lakshmi helps us to love ourselves and to prosper in every area of our lives. Saraswati helps us to journey within and awaken to our true self. This is the path of peace.

3. Because we live in a patriarchal world, a world that puts men first, women have internalized the negative belief that they are less worthy. Negative self-talk is trauma. When we reject any part of ourselves, we are doing to ourselves what the patriarchy does. Saraswati helps us to remember who we really are and heal from that societal trauma. 


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