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I like to choose a book in January that can serve as a guide for the whole year. Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing by Ron Roth is such a book. This is the only book I know of that details the process of ‘awakening’ to our true spiritual nature in five specific stages, and offers prayers for every step of your journey.

In this week’s episode, I will share a little bit about the late Ron Roth and his amazing healing ministry, and why I believe this book is SO important for lightworkers, healers and highly sensitive souls. Honestly, this book is so rich, I couldn’t do it justice, so I focused on a single aspect that many highly sensitive people struggle with…the dark night of the soul…what it is and the path of healing it requires.

I end the episode by reading two of the authors prayers to help you overcome any negative thought habits you may have. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these prayers, and this topic as well!

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Invoking God’s presence will help you through the ‘dark night of the soul.’ This is one way to realize that there is Light, even in the dark night.” – Ron Roth

Key Learnings:

1) There are five stages in the path of ‘awakening:’ Awakening, Purification, Illumination, the Dark Night of the Soul and Divine Union.

2) The ‘dark night’ is a time of confronting your own inner negative energy, which can hold you back from experiencing God’s love and presence.

3) Negative thought patterns, such as anger, fear and hatred, begin to take on a ‘life of their own’ which makes them difficult to overcome. Invoking God’s light and life is a powerful way to release them from your energy field. 


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