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Have you ever wished for a super simple explanation of the Law of Attraction? Or wished manifestation was easier for you?

Look no further because the book I am reviewing this week is basically the Law of Attraction in a nutshell!

Just Feel Good – The Secret to the Life You’ve Always Wanted by Andrew Kap is the best, clearest, simplest, and most complete explanation of the manifestation process I have come across. And what I love about it is how simple he makes it!

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“You don’t get what you in order to feel good. You feel good in order to get what you want.”
– Andrew Kap, author of Just Feel Good

In this episode, I share the author’s simple formula for happiness and success, and how you can begin to Just Feel Good right now! He also offers some amazing free bonuses in the back of the book, so don’t miss out on those!

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Key Learnings:

1. You don’t want to manifest the things you want for the reason you think. What you really want is to feel good, and you believe having that thing will make you feel good. But if you focus on FEELING GOOD, which is what you really want anyway, you will begin receiving the things you want. It will feel like magic!

2. “By intentionally feeling positive emotions – even for only a few minutes a day – you end up setting into motion energies and events that somehow find a way to create amazing results in your life.”

3. Now that you know the simple truth and you have your own magic wand, will you use it? The habit of not feeling good might be strong, but even a few minutes a day of feeling good can mitigate the negative feelings, and faster than you think.


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