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Would you love a good book to be your Lenten companion? Do I have a book for you! Inspired by Angels is a collection of ‘letters’ from archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel and covers topics such as ‘trusting your inner voice’ and ‘creating your inner temple.’ I love this book so much!

In this week’s episode, I will share the miraculous way this book came into my life, and how you can use it as an oracle, opening it to a random page to receive an angelic message for the day. In addition to sharing the author’s journey, I also randomly opened the book to read a message just for you…tune in to discover the topic…hint: it’s from Archangel Gabriel!

AND I’m so excited to share that the author is my guest for next week’s episode!!!

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Magical things begin to happen when you develop an awareness of angels and invite their participation in your life.” Sinda Jordan, author of Inspired by Angels

Episode Takeaways:

1) Books are truly miraculous! This book came into my life in a miraculous way when I lived in New York City and was attending the New Seminary. I had never heard anyone else refer to the four archangels as a group, and this book helped to deepen my connection with them.

2) The author shares her own experience of getting to know the four archangels after reading an article. She began to invoke their presence and began to feel them with her. Then one day, without invoking them, she could sense their presence and even heard a ‘voice’ guide her to begin writing down messages!

3) Although this book is filled with inspiring messages, the author’s true goal is to help you begin to listen to your own inner guidance. Asking the angels to help you is a great way to start.

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