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If you’re looking for a new practice to deepen your connection, or expand your awareness, I highly recommend a Sanskrit mantra practice. With Lent just around the corner, it’s a great time to begin a 40-day practice!

In today’s episode, I will share how a mantra practice blessed my mind and life in a miraculous way, introduce you to my go-to resources for mantra practice and take you through a mini-mantra recitation to give you a feel for this ancient and sacred practice.

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“When we practice Sanskrit Mantra, we increase the ability of the chakras to hold a spiritual charge.” – Thomas Ashley-Farrand

Key learnings

1. Mantra allows the chakras to “switch on” safely and to operate at a higher “wattage” so they can hold more energy. It’s like a 25 watt bulb becomes able to hold 50 watts, then 100, then 500, and then 1000!

2. Sanskrit is a language of energy, so even if you don’t understand the meaning of the words, they are still activating your energy field. And if you focus your intention on physical healing, the energy activated will be directed towards your body.

3. If life starts to feel overwhelming, like you are at your wit’s end, powerless to change your circumstances, begin a mantra practice. You will quickly see that you can “turn the tide” of your life through this “vibrational medicine.”


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