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This month’s book review and recommendation comes directly from Mother Mary Herself!

In our monthly Miracle Message with Mother Mary in the Magnify Your Miracles Membership, She guided us to relate to the earth the same way we do with saints; as a benevolent being that supports our spiritual evolution. Earth is on your side, rooting for you, and is always communicating with you.

That’s what we will discuss in this week’s episode! I will share the miraculous way that Mother Mary brought this book into my awareness, and how the channeled information it contains confirms much of what I learned from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda about nature and the weather. There are also simple exercises throughout the book to help you begin connecting with earth.

Do you have a relationship with the earth already? I’d love to hear how you connect with her, and how it has helped your spiritual evolution.

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The more you connect with my vibration, the more I am able to nourish you in your growth and likewise you enable me in mine.” – Earth, from the book Earth Speaks Up

Episode Takeaways:

1) The earth is a conscious, sentient, communicating planetary being who continually seeks to express herself clearly to you, and who seeks to teach you to attune to her.

2) Our thoughts, feelings and ways of being affect the earth, much more than we realize. Often, she responds through the weather. When we change how we interact with her, we have the ability to change the weather patterns.

3) The earth is an evolving being, just as we all are. She wishes to support us in our evolution. The key is to learn to listen to her.


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