If you are wondering how to respond to the recent tragic events in Connecticut, I have two suggestions for you.
First, read Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. It tells the amazing story of a psychiatric doctor who healed ALL the patients in his wing by using a very simple prayer technique. Truly amazing.
I do believe that these events were fueled by mental illness, over which most of us feel powerless. This book gave me a great tool to use in such times.
The other thing I recommend is to become an even stronger light for good on the planet. Many of us take classes in spirituality, but how well do we apply and live what we learn? (I include myself here too)
I truly believe all “Light Workers” are being called out of the “reserves” and into “Active Duty” right now.
If you were on the 12/12 teleclass last week, you will remember thatMother Mary asked us all to do whatever we could to be advocates for those most vulnerable among us, children, animals, the elderlyand even the earth herself.
When I heard the news on Friday, this message flashed into my mind and chills went up my spine!
That is why I’m holding a very special Teleclass on Friday, Dec 21st, 2012 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. 
This will be a Solstice Message and Global Healing Teleclass with Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary. The goal of this event is to counteract the energy of fear and violence on the planet and infuse it with love, compassion, courage and understanding.
Find out what your “Divine Marching Orders” are for 2013!! 
The messages will be for everyone (no individual messages) and all who register will receive the mp3 recording.
You will receive messages from Archangel Gabriel about the dawning of the New Energy for 2013 and what you specifically need to know about the New Year as a channel of light on the planet.
Mother Mary will also give messages for 2013, as well as helping you understand how to be a stronger “earth angel” in this next year.
There is much speculation about 12/21/12 and I know that there’s no where I’d rather be than in the company of Gabriel and Mother Mary.