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In last week’s episode, I shared three Six-Figure Secrets for Coaches and LightWorkers. This week I am continuing with this topic and sharing three additional secrets that you can implement right away!

If you want to increase your ability to help people, to have more impact with your clients, do NOT attend another training to learn the latest healing technique! You already know enough to help people improve their lives in a dramatic way!!

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“Only 5% of your success is based on your skills, 5% is strategy.  90% of your success is based on your energy – your thoughts, feelings, attitude, actions and beliefs. Focus on the 90% and you will reach six-figures (or more) quickly.” 

In this episode, I will share the simple but highly effective way you can start helping your clients get miraculous results! AND I will help you avoid the BIG mistake coaches and lightworkers make when determining what to charge!


Key Learnings:

1. The big mistake coaches and lightworkers make when setting their fees is looking at what other people charge. This is the worst way to determine your fees! First, you need to determine what YOUR life actually costs. How much do you need to make to be the best version of yourself you can be? Then look at how you can add value to your offerings.

2. Being a Six-Figure Coach or LightWorker is about becoming a trusted advisor to your clients. Begin to make recommendations to your client about the kind of program they need to achieve their goals. Tell them the truth, as you see it. They will be grateful to you because they are coming to you for help and you are making their life easier.

3. Let go of offering packages and begin offering programs. People get better results in a program, hands down! A package is just buying your time, but a program helps your client get from point A to point B, or Z, or wherever you are taking them. Your program will help them get results faster than the latest healing technique.


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