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Can a Beatles song be a sign from your soul? 🤔 The truth is ANYTHING can be a sign from your soul! How you respond to it is what makes the difference!

A question I am always asked is: “How can I tell the difference between my guidance and my ego?”

Imagine my surprise when I encountered a completely unexpected way to answer this question!

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“When you are moved to tears, pay attention. THAT is a sign from your soul.”


In this episode, I will share how to tell the difference between the thoughts of your mind and signs from your heart and soul, and the unexpected way I discovered how to tell the difference! Plus, I will share a simple question you can ask to help you discern your own signs from your soul.

Have you ever been surprised by the way your soul guides you? I would love to hear about it!


Key Learnings:

1. Your mind will often talk you out of the longings of your soul, telling you it’s not practical. But your soul will persist, especially when you least expect it.

2. To connect more with your heart and soul, don’t ask what you want, ask what you long for? What are you yearning for?

3. When you are moved to tears, pay attention. THAT is a sign from your soul.


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