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Have you ever dreamed of making a million dollars? Most entrepreneurs hope to make seven-figures one day, but Emma Stratton did it, and in only three years! How did she do it? Her story is truly miraculous, as she didn’t achieve this through ‘hard work’…quite the opposite!

You may remember Emma from Episode 100: the $10,000 Miracle. She had been working with me, learning about her own energy field and how to work with her energy to grow her business. That was back in 2021. By continuing to honor her energy, let go of energy drains, and focus on what she REALLY wanted to do, Emma’s company, Punchy – a consulting and training firm that helps B2B tech companies win on positioning and messaging – had their first million dollar year in 2022.

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“My goal was to grow my business in alignment with my soul’s purpose. Frances showed me how
my energy was wired for success. As I allowed myself to show up authentically, I went from struggling to seven-figures in just three years.”  – Emma Stratton, founder of

In this episode, I share a talk that Emma and I gave earlier this year that illustrates the three key things she implemented that helped her go from struggling entrepreneur to successful thought-leader in just three years. I believe that hearing someone else’s true life experience is one of the best ways to learn, which is why I wanted to share this with you.

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Key Learnings:

1. The first key is to discover how your energy works, how you are wired to succeed. There are many ways to do this, one of which is a Sacred Life Purpose session. Any system that gives you good feedback is a great place to start.

2. The second key is learning to listen to your energy. What does it need today? How is it guiding you?

3. The third key is to prioritize your energy. Once you know what your energy needs, prioritize giving yourself those things. This may also include letting go of people or circumstances that drain your energy.


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