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“My Sacred Life Purpose Reading was fantastic! Before my session, I was unclear about changes I needed to make and where to focus my energy. Frances gave me such a clear framework with which to think about my gifts, confirmation about what is wanting to be expressed through me, and SO much more. I now have clarity! Thank you Frances. Your work is wonderful and amazing!”
Vaishnavi Lewis, Berkeley, CA

“When you make a commitment to joy in your life, you commit to changing the world.”

Isn’t that an awesome truth?

Now that the summer is winding down, it’s a great time to ask yourself “Am I committed to joy in my life?”
“If I did commit to joy, how would my life be different? How would the rest of 2014 be for me?”

One sure way to commit to joy is to find and live your Sacred Life Purpose!
When you are out of alignment with your purpose, you struggle, and it’s difficult to live with joy when you are struggling…believe me, I know!

One thing I know for sure is that, if everyone reading this right now said “yes” to joy, said “yes” to finding and living their Sacred Life Purpose, the world would be transformed.

That might seem like a big promise, that the entire world would be transformed, but YOUR entire world would be transformed, that’s for sure!

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Sacred Life Purpose Readings are one of the most comprehensive readings I offer.

It is chocked FULL of valuable information about you, your soul and purpose. We discover ALL of this information in your Chakras!

Here is what you will discover in a Sacred Life Purpose Reading:

Root Chakra – What your soul came here to embody and experience

Sacral Chakra – Discover your Archetypes, how you show up in the world

Solar Plexus Chakra – What your “special assignment” is for this lifetime

Heart Chakra – Your deepest heart’s desire, crucial to feeling fulfilled!

Throat Chakra – How to best express your purpose

Third Eye Chakra – See the “Big Picture” of your purpose fully manifested.

Crown Chakra – What do you need to release to allow all this to manifest?

This powerful reading is so detailed, so specific, that you can listen to it over and over again and go deeper and deeper in your understanding and application of these truths!

This reading is usually 75- 90 minutes, depending upon how many questions you have, and will be recorded for you. You will receive the mp3 in an email after your session!

This reading is regularly $297, but you can save $100 and receive all this incredible information for just $197! That’s a whopping 34% savings!

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