Sacred Heart of Christ Attunement Program with Jesus

“I had an amazing experience on tonight’s call. During the meditation with Christ, I asked to release whatever no longer served me.

Jesus put his hand on my heart chakra and I physically felt my body jerk, releasing old, stuck energy. 

I no longer feel weighed down by the past,  and now I know that I am completely supported. It was truly amazing. Thank you!”

Elaine Petkovich, California

ATTENTION: All Lightworkers, Healers and Spiritual Leaders! 

If you feel called to:

– Become a stronger channel of Christ Light

– Increase your level of Compassion

– Heal you own inner heart

– Develop a direct connection with Christ

…Then He has created this program just for you!

Each month you will participate in an energetic attunement to the Sacred Heart of Christ.


There are twelve levels of attunement, and you will receive one each month.


Jesus Himself will guide these calls, and will explain the corresponding blessing known as the 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart


All the sessions are recorded and you will receive an mp3 recording of all 12 sessions.

2018 is the year of Mastery! Spend it with “The Master”


This year-long program meets on the third Friday of each month beginning on January 19th, 2018.


When you register and pay in full will receive a special bonus: a Relic Card of the True Cross infused with the energy of Christ! (Hurry! Only 3 Relic Cards left!)


Click Here to register in full for $497 and save $91! (reg. $588!)

Click Here to register for $49 per month

Not ready for a year-long program? Why not start with just the first attunement!

Click here to register for Level 1 on Jan 19th – just $55