Sacred Living Mentoring Program

“ I always believed in God, but now I physically experience God’s presence.” Gail Shoop

Are you wanting to deepen your spiritual connection, but don’t know where to begin?

Do you know which spiritual path is right for you?

Would you like to grow spiritually and help heal the world?

Well, you can, and here’s the secret…

Becoming the Happiest, Healthiest and Wealthiest version of yourself is the best way to raise your vibration, and the help heal the planet!

The ongoing crises in the world has only convinced me EVEN MORE that helping people become Spiritual Masters through Sacred Living is the most important work I can do. That’s why I created the Sacred Living Mentoring Program!

 The Sacred Living Mentoring Program will help you raise your consciousness to become happier, healthier and wealthier. You will learn and LIVE the 12 Principles of Sacred Living, one each month over one year. 

I will be guiding you through this process each month in two teleclasses: one to teach you the principle, and the second one for you to ask and get feedback about how you are applying it.

 AND once you complete the year, you can do it again and again for the rest of your life for free! That’s right, you can continue to deepen your practice and understanding of Sacred Living for the rest of your life!

Here’s what you’ll discover: 

– Which spiritual path and practices match your spiritual temperment

– How to meditate and pray effectively

– How to recognize God’s presence in 8 specific ways

– How to choose a diet to support Sacred Living

– Who your Patron Saint and Guardian Angels are and how to work with them

– Expand your intuitive abilities

and much more!

 You will also receive:

 – One Year membership in the Community of Mary with access to two additional teleclasses each month with me and Mother Mary ($360 Value)

 – E-book copy of my book, Meditation is Friendship with God, the companion book for this course ($9.99 value)

 – Private Facebook Group to connect with other members (Priceless!)

 – Become a Certified Sacred Living Practitioner, the prerequisite for becoming a Certified Sacred Living Mentor

 All teleclasses are recorded and you will receive all the mp3s.

 Classes meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

 The cost is just $97 a month or pay for the year in full and save $167!!

 Click Here to register for $97 a month

 Click Here to register for a one-time payment of $997 and save $167

Here is what Sacred Living graduates have to say…

“ I always believed in God, but now I physically experience God’s presence.

I was raised in a traditional religion and was never told how I could consciously increase my connection with God. I was curious about spiritual development, but didn’t really know where to begin.

The Sacred Living Mentoring Program gave me the opportunity to try out and apply many different ways of connecting with God and discover what works for me. Frances doesn’t push any one way of connecting over another. She really wants you to find your own personal relationship with God as well as what resonates effectively for each person in the program.

I took this program while going through a very challenging time in my life, and I really felt loved and supported by the other program members. That was a huge blessing. I’ve even made some changes to my diet to help raise my vibration, and it really helped! 

I love that we are given an mp3 file to download of each teleclass. I often listen to the recordings two or three times to make sure I’ve absorbed each principle that Frances shares with us.

I know I can continue to deepen my connection with God through these Sacred Living Principles for the rest of my life.”

Gail Shoop, California

“I have developed a living, daily relationship with Spirit!

I was raised in a powerful institutional religion that I stopped believing in more than 50 years ago.

By participating in the Sacred Living Mentoring Program,  I have learned about the many ways that I can incorporate “sacred” practices into my daily life, without feeling “holier than thou” which is what I used to think sacred living was.

Frances packs the first call of each month with more education than any other teacher I have studied with.  She is an excellent teacher and she generously follows up with additional information after each call. 

A wonderful and unexpected benefit of this program is the many friendships I have made with the people who study with Frances.  Another great benefit is the monthly question and answer call when the students talk about not only the monthly topic but other topics that are on our minds.  We have robust, interesting conversations each month.

This program helped me release my desire for refined sugar during the month devoted to sacred eating and taking care of the body! I now have many, many skills to continue to apply to my daily life and spiritual development. 

I look forward to deepening my connection to the Sacred for the rest of my life.”

Norma M, Maryland

 If you have any questions about this program, or if there is anything I can do to support you in your effort to live a Sacred Life, please feel free to contact me at