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Do you give yourself a time of sacred rest on a regular basis? Most people don’t, which I believe contributes to feeling disconnected, lonely and constantly searching for “what’s missing.”

What if I told you that observing a sabbath, a time of sacred rest, is essential to magnify your miracles?

In this episode, I will explain the difference between sacred rest and a “day off,” and why spending time tending to the needs of your soul could be the medicine you need. Since the pandemic began, so many people have been taking advantage of this time of ‘forced rest’ from their usual frenetic lifestyles and can attest to miraculous results. Imagine what would happen if you gave yourself “sacred rest” each week, or even each day?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about having a sabbath, how you currently practice or how you would like to.

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Observing a sabbath, a time of Sacred Rest, is essential to magnify your miracles.”

Key learnings:

1) A sabbath is a time to connect with the divine, and to nourish your soul. Going to church or temple for an hour or so once a week is rarely enough to fill our spiritual tanks. While that practice can be lovely, your soul might be asking for more.

2) There are no rules about your sabbath time, meaning nothing is off limits. Sometimes you just need time to relax from your responsibilities and do something fun. The key is whether it leaves you feeling filled up or depleted. Highly sensitive people tend to be people-pleasers and can often give this time away to others, so put some boundaries in place and then ask a friend to help you keep them.

3) If you can’t do a whole day once a week, start with an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday. Start with what IS possible, rather than focusing on what is not. As you give yourself this time with your own soul, you will begin to want more of it, and can expand the time you allow yourself from there. Don’t turn this time into something else ‘to do’…this is your time to follow your heart.



The book I mention is Yes, You Can Heal by Diane Goldner

To listen to Martha Beck talking about the statistics of premature births since covid-19, click here and go to 14:38

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