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Have you ever wished that you could turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary one? I got to experience doing just that during this interview with the amazing Sister Karol Jackowski!

Her book, Sister Karol’s Book of Spells, Blessings and Folk Magic, is teaching me how to take seemingly mundane tasks, and through the power of ritual prayer, turn it into a miracle!

Let me tell you a bit about her: Sister Karol Jackowski has been a sister since 1964 and is currently a member of the Sisters for Christian Community. She is the author of seven books, and is a professor of Creative Writing at Bay Path University. She is also a Spiritual Director to all who ask for prayer.

In this episode, Sr. Karol and I had so much fun talking about ‘folk magic’ and how we grew up lighting candles in our homes and observing feast days. You will really enjoy hearing about her journey from becoming a nun, to expanding her vision of “church” to include all of God’s children. She is a wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience, and I hope this episode inspires you to begin making your everyday life “sacred”.

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Whether you call it a spell, a prayer or a blessing, to me it’s all the same thing. You are making a conscious effort to connect with the Divine.” – Sister Karol Jackowski

Key Learnings:

1) When you live in a diverse community, like New York City, you are friends with people of different backgrounds and faiths. You end up celebrating their holidays with them and start to notice the similarities rather than the differences.

2) Folk Magic is really just what people do at home to connect with the divine, the stuff that “folks” do. These could be anything from lighting a candle to invite in the Sabbath to saying a special prayer to break the fever of your child.

3) Whether you call it a spell, blessing or a prayer, Sister Karol says it is all the same thing.


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