Very Special Teleclass!

Creating Financial Abundance is NOT Rocket Science
(as long as you use rocket Science to create it!)

Healing Money

Weds, April 8th at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT/ 6 pm MT/ 5 pm PT

If you are…

Frustrated from trying to apply the Law of Attraction consistently

Tired of having financial issues creating stress  in your life

Wanting to spend more time doing what you love

Wondering if there IS a way to change your finances from lack and struggle to ease and abundance

This teleclass is for YOU!

Join me, Rev. Frances Fayden, and my very special guest, Greg Kuhn, author of the Why Quantum Physicists book series, as we share with you how we applied Quantum Physics principles to heal and elevate our finances.

I read Greg’s book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs in Sept of 2014, and in less than 30 days I tripled my income. 

Greg went from great debt and suffering during the Real Estate crisis of 2007 to turning his finances around in rapid speed.

How is this possible? We will TELL you how!

In this teleclass you’ll discover:

– How it is NOW possible to Create Financial Abundance with relative ease

– How You Can Use Quantum Paradigms, right now, to create the Financial Abundance you truly desire

How you can Kick-Start Yourself using Quantum Paradigms to Create Financial Abundance

– How the Quantum Field is really where Science and Spirituality meet to help you manifest your dreams!

You will also be taken through a sample process so you can begin using this right away and seeing results!

There will also be an opportunity for a few live callers to ask Greg a question LIVE on the call!

The cost is just $30 and includes an mp3 recording, so even if you can’t be live, you can still benefit!




Greg Kuhn

 Greg Kuhn is the author of Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail and his most recent book, Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You. He is a professional educator and futurist, specializing in framing new paradigms for 21st century living. He lives in Louisville, KY with his wonderful wife and four fantastic sons.

This is an awesome opportunity to learn from the man who created this life-changing, yet very simple process!
Don’t miss it!!