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Last week I shared how to Magnify Your Energy with Mother Mary.  This week, I will share tips on how to prepare for the upcoming “Month of Miracles!”

Each year in May, I encourage everyone to focus on a miracle they would love to receive. This year is especially important because there are two eclipses that will MAGNIFY your intentions!

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“To help you stay in a ‘miracle mindset,’ place notes around your home or office that say ‘Thank you for my miracle.”

In this episode, I share how to prepare for this miraculous time of year, and how the Sun, Moon and Earth are all supporting your miraculous intentions! If you knew you could receive a miracle, what would you ask for? It’s time to get clear! 


Key Learnings:

1. Miracles are available to us 24/7, but the month of May is an especially good time to focus on receiving a miracle. It is ‘Mary’s Month’ and as such has a very special power associated with it when we consciously work with Her energy.


2. At this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is helping to MAGNIFY your intentions. The increase of light naturally increases whatever we focus on, so please use these six weeks to focus on your miracle!


3. To help keep you in a miracle mindset, place notes around your home or office that say “Thank you for my miracle.”

Want to go even deeper? I invite you to explore Mother Mary’s Healing Energy Activation & Attunement Program.

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