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Happy New Year! Has your email inbox been filled with experts making predictions for 2021? Mine certainly has. It got me thinking about predictions, and why I don’t make them, and what I do instead that is SO much more helpful.

In this episode, I share my own journey as someone who used to believe predictions, and how it caused me to feel stuck, ‘waiting’ for things to happen. Now I no longer wait for things to happen, but I also don’t ‘make them happen’…I read the energy, and then take action. This is exactly what I teach my clients to do as well. Once you understand your own energy, you are empowered for the rest of your life!

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I don’t make predictions, because you can make a new choice at any time and change the outcome. That’s how powerful you are.

Key Learnings:

1) Predictions have been around forever! Both the Old and New Testament are filled with predictions. Even in mundane matters, like the weather or the stock market, people make predictions. What are they really doing? Reading the energy!

2) Predictions tend to make you feel like something is going to happen no matter what, whether you do anything or not. I haven’t found that to be true. Your free will and power of choice can change your karma in an instant.

3) When you learn to ‘read the energy,’ especially your own energy, you empower yourself to work WITH the Universe and THAT is when you Magnify Your Miracles!!!


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