Today is the New Moon, a very auspicious time to set new goals and intentions!

If you’re like me, you’ve set some goals and intentions in the past, only to encounter obstacles…it can be soooooo frustrating!!

Truthfully, since I’ve been consciously working with Mother Mary and the Archangels, this happens to me less and less. Sure, I still have some obstacles come up, but I almost immediately see a way to overcome that obstacle! That’s the power of working with the Archangels!


The Archangel that helps with overcoming obstacles is Archangel Michael, with his Sword of Light, which cuts away anything holding you back!!

If you’ve been dealing with some obstacles, or maybe one BIG obstacle, I have good news for you!


I am offering a special, one-time teleclass to help you called Overcoming Obstacles with the Power of Archangel Michael on Monday, August 8th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

This teleclass will be held on 8/8, which, according to Sacred Scribe’s Joanne Walmsley

“Angel Number 88 is a powerful vibration telling of achievements, success, striving forward, progress and attainment.”

So we will be leveraging the energetic vibration and support of this day in overcoming your obstacles!

In this very special teleclass you will

1) Experience Archangel Michael’s unmistakable and powerful presence and receive his immediate help with your obstacles

2) Identify the obstacle, or obstacles, that are holding you back and access the Power of Archangel Michael to break through them!

3) Learn how to work with Michael in the future to dissolve ANY obstacles that arise on your path so you never feel stuck again!

Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God” and his gifts are Faith, Protection and Freeing You from ALL limitations!

This life-changing teleclass is just $30 and includes the mp3 recording

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