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If you are looking for a way to stay centered and peaceful in these turbulent times, I have the book for you! In last week’s episode, Mother Mary asked me to give you a meditation practice to help you pray FROM peace instead of for peace. This week, Mother Mary asked me to share something else you can do to ‘practice peace’.

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“Combining prayer, art, music is a powerful way to practice the ‘presence of peace’ during these turbulent times.”

In this episode, I will share the miraculous way this book, Our Lady’s Garden, caught my attention and the message of peace hidden in the book’s cover! I will also share the way that I do this ‘peace practice’ and give you several suggestions that you can use right away.


I would love to hear how you are ‘practicing peace’ and if this practice resonates with you. Leave a comment and let me know. I answer ALL comments! 😊💜


Key Learnings:

1. During turbulent times, we must actively cultivate peace within ourselves. One simple way of doing that is through creativity, such as coloring.

2. Using the prayers as your inspiration, choose colors that speak to you. You can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers! Anything you like to use is appropriate. 

3. To magnify the energy of peace, play music in the background that is in alignment with the energy of peace. Gregorian chanting, Sanskrit chanting or classical music are all great choices!

Click here to purchase Our Lady’s Garden – A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation

The music I mentioned in this episode:
Pandora Music for free streaming


Marian Hymns of Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles

Deva Premal for devotional sanskrit chanting

Canticles of Ecstacy by Hildegard of Bingen

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