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“Does everyone have spirit guides? What’s the difference between spirit guides and angels? How can you begin to connect with your own spirit guides?”

I am so glad you asked, because today we are going to answer all of these questions and more in this fun interview with Deepa Liu, Sacred Artist and Spiritual Success Coach. Deepa is also my wife, and this is her second appearance on the podcast, and for good reason! In this last year, her ability to connect with spirit guides has grown exponentially!

In this episode, Deepa will share her story of how she went from never being able to “see” anything when meditating, to her amazing ability of getting visions of spirit guides and then painting them!

Deepa believes that everyone has spirit guides, and that the first step to connecting with them is to affirm “I am open and willing to meet my spirit guides.” She will also lead us through a powerful guided meditation to help you connect with your Heart Chakra Spirit Guide. 

Have you ever connected with your own spirit guides? I would love to hear about your own experience with this fascinating and inspiring topic!

Watch the Full Video Episode:

I love painting people’s Spirit Guides. These ‘Divine Presence Portals’ are just one of the many ways I teach you to connect with your Spirit Guides.” – Deepa Liu, Sacred Artist & Success Coach

Key Learnings:

1) Everyone has spirit guides, multiple ones! Your spirit guides want to connect with you, but you have to invite them into your life.

2) Even Scrooge had spirit guides! It took three of them to help him have his transformation from a miserly, unhappy old man to a generous, caring person who reaches out to others. That is one example of the type of transformation that can occur when you connect with your spirit guides.

3) Being able to connect with your spirit guides is directly connected to how open your heart is. The first step is to affirm “I’m ready to open my heart.”


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