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If you enjoyed last week’s book review of What to Eat for How You Feel, you will LOVE today’s interview with author and Ayurvedic Chef, Divya Alter!

So many highly sensitive people have sensitive digestive systems, which is why I wanted to introduce you to someone who understands and offers a way for you to nourish yourself as a highly sensitive soul. Her book has been life-changing for me, and her recipes continue to help me to heal my digestion

Divya Alter is a certified nutritional consultant, educator, and chef in the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda tradition. She is the co-founder of Bhagavat Life, the only Ayurvedic culinary school in Manhattan and North America’s first Ayurvedic chef certification program. She and her husband Prentiss also own Divya’s Kitchen, an Ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan. Divya is the author of What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen

In this episode, I share the miraculous way I found Divya’s cookbook, and how the Divine really orchestrated us connecting. Divya shares her own healing journey as a highly sensitive soul, how Ayurveda helped her understand how to live in harmony with both her own nature, and with the world of nature, and how you can begin to do so too. She shares many simple tips and stories that I hope inspire you to begin your own healing journey of learning to nourish your body and soul.

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Preparing your own food is an act of self-care. When you prepare your meals with love, it becomes even more healingDivya Alter 

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