Were you ready for New Year’s this year? I wasn’t. I was still recovering from on cold on January 1st, 2013. Even though I tried to write down some resolutions, I just didn’t have the energy to do it. No matter what I did, I felt stuck in neutral.
Then I talked with my sister-in-law, who is an asrtologer, and she told me that the new moon, which is the best time to start something new, wasn’t until the 11th of January. We were still in the “letting go” phase of the moon, not the best time for making resolutions (unless they are “letting go” resolutions!).
Whew! What a relief! I hadn’t missed it after all…
BUT, 6 weeks into the “new year” and I’m clearer than I was then, and we are closer to spring, which is the most natural time for new beginnings…and viola! Chinese New Year is upon us!!
With millions of people celebrating a New Year, why not take advantage of the Chinese New Year and “Do-Over” your own New Year??
The Chinese New Year corresponds to the New Moon as well, so this is PERFECT for setting intentions about things you would like in INCREASE or bring IN to your life. The energy of the Earth and Moon will fully support you in this.
PLUS, the very next day is the 155th anniversay of the first apparition in Lourdes, France...so this would also be a great time to set  intentions around any type of healing you would like to receive.
WAIT…there’s more!!  Just a few short days from then is St. Valentine’s Day…you know what that means! Any issues with relationships/Love can also be addressed at this time. What a powerful week for transformation we have next week!
So here is what you can do:
1) On Sunday, Feb 10th, write down your New “New Year’s” Intentions or resolutions
2) Place them in an envelope, in a sacred book like a bible, or in your “God box.” Say a prayer of thanks as you do this, such as “Thank you God for fulfilling this intention, or something even better.”
3) Go out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate!!Celebrating in advance of receiving something is a GREAT way to make it happen faster. Plus, it’s a way to thank the wonderful Chinese culture for making this “‘New Year’s Do-Over” possible!
4) Join us for the “Miracle of Lourdes Healing Teleclass with Mother Mary” on Monday the 11th and connect with presence of Mary Herself. What a way to start the New Year!
OK, I made up number 3, but I AM going to do it!! 
The way I see it, the Universe is SO benevolent that there is ALWAYS another opportunity to begin again. Each day is a new beginning really, but when the moon and stars are cooperating with us, why not harmonize with them as best as we can to reap the full benefits??
Let me know what you think and what YOUR New New Year’s Intentions are!!